Fondazione ICA Milano presents ICA COMMITTED, project conceived and developed for its web platform ICA Digital. Starting from 2021, the institution established a yearly program of digital commissions by inviting two artists at a time to realize a work for ICA’s web site: a virtual space that, on such an occasion, is no longer a simple formal support but becomes an exhibition display as well, allowing the fruition of the proposed contents to an always wider public.

ICA COMMITTED is the result of a careful reflection on the role of the museum in our contemporary digital age and on the necessity, originating from it, to be in contact with the public and its community of reference through the main contemporary languages used by them. Such a urgency is further contextualized in our present, characterized in particular by the crisis of physical proximity and of being together, central elements for a complete museographic, artistic and, more in general, cultural experience. 
How can a cultural institution, whose physical spatiality constitutes the fundamental field of action for its projects, to use Internet as an effective instrument of knowledge and at the same time as an inclusive platform for the sharing of (not only aesthetic) experiences? ICA COMMITTED tries to respond to such complex question through the creation of a an open and free network, whose contents – data, sounds and images – penetrate over the screen to assume a different shape of matter and take life, on-line and off-line, through the public itself.

ICA COMMITTED confirms once again the institution’s attention towards artists, underlines the importance to support their production, in particular during such time of crisis, and sheds a light on the exploration, through creative and critical tools, of urgent and collective issues.
The first two artists invited to contribute to the program of commissions are Riccardo Benassi (Cremona, 1982, lives and works ins Berlin) and the collective Radha May (Elisa Giardina Papa, Nupur Mathur, Bathsheba Okwenje).

The new program, curated by Chiara Nuzzi, consolidates Fondazione ICA Milano’s commitment towards practices investigating the cultural implications linked to the change brought by the digitalization of culture.