• A cura di Luigi Fassi e Alberto Salvadori




Life, feelings and social experiences
A series of digital conversations
Curated by Luigi Fassi and Alberto Salvadori

MAN Museo d’Arte della Provincia di Nuoro and Fondazione ICA Milano present the second season of Connessioni Inventive. The project, articulated through an agenda of eight commissioned digital conversations, is conceived as an occasion of education and in-depth study and represents the result of a further collaboration between the two Italian institutions of contemporary art and culture.

In a time of intense civic reflection on the role and the opportunities of the theoretical productions in the field of culture, the digital approach by MAN and ICA offer, thanks to a shared program of lectures, a contribution of research, analysis and interpretation entrusted to influential Italian voices in their respective work fields.

Each appointment will be live streaming on the Facebook page of MAN_Museo d'Arte della Provincia di Nuoro (@museoman) and on the Instagram account of Fondazione ICA Milano (@ica_milano) every Thursday at 6 pm on the dates indicated below. The contributions will be later available on the dedicated YouTube channel (Connessioni Inventive) and on the institutions’ websites www.museoman.it and www.icamilano.it in order to build an archive accessible at any time.


Thursday, 15th April, 6 pm
Lisa Bortolotti
Delusions: ethical and philosophical reflections

Thursday, 22nd April, 6 pm
Vittorio Bufacchi
Violence: a multidimensional concept

Thursday, 29th April, 6 pm
Alessandra Fussi
Human emotions in the interactions with robots

Thursday, 6th May, 6 pm
Federico Cugurullo
Smart cities or monstrous cities?

Thursday, 13th May, 6 pm
Anna Marmodoro
The power of beauty

Thursday, 20th May, 6 pm
Roberto Dainotto
Ernesto de Martino’s Italian Africa

Thursday, 27th May, 6 pm
Achille Varzi
What is a city?

Thursday, 3rd June, 6 pm
Linda Bertelli
Be quiet, or rather, write. Language and gesture of transformation in Carla Lonzi